I'm relentless at pursuing my disruptive technology based dreams. I have gotten millions of people globally to think about what disruption means and the stakes were high. I could have lost it all...Peeple is the company that got the world talking. 

Peeple is the world's largest personal reputation platform which  displays your reputation to any marketplace or company in the share economy so you can trust people and be trusted, faster.

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My latest tech company PRDJY (pronounced Prodigy) is an online learning platform for students ages 7-18. We have built a futuristic learning environment with online and live courses, mentorship, games, and the ability to sponsor education for kids around the  world. I am very passionate about this legacy project as education is the greatest gift I can give. 

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My entrepreneurial journey began in 2008 at Career Fox where I built a recruitment agency with a proprietary recruitment process that placed talent at a 96% successful placement rate. That means that out of all the people we placed in dream jobs 96% of the time they were a match for our corporate clients. 

I now design recruitment systems and processes for companies and recruitment agencies while utilizing the proprietary process that Career Fox built.

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I have a love for people, recruitment, education and technology. I believe that I can make a positive and much needed impact on the world with my global companies Peeple, 96 Talents and PRDJY. 

Feel free to book me for public speaking engagements. I am open to telling the David and Goliath story of my company Peeple or simply helping and mentoring you in business, branding, and recruitment. Add me on LinkedIn here.

Here's to disruption and innovation!

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